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Anonymous said: I just want to start by saying that I'd Soo take your classes!!! 👏👏👏🙌 I recently graduated with my BA in women's studies.. Moved back home with my mama and now have no idea what to do.. Poor life choices?? How do I craft this into a career ?? 😒

Hey sorry for the delay replying to this.  Def. not poor life choices, Women’s Studies is a fab choice for a major.  Have you interned at all? What are your interests? Grad school (professional programs MSW, Master’s in Public Health) are all good options, I’m reluctant to recommend going after a phd unless you are absolutely sure you want to research, teach and write - it’s a huge commitment (psychologically and monetarily).  I’d say you should start thinking about what populations you would like to work with, what do you like to do?  Women’s studies curriculum should give you a good baseline for critical social analysis that can be combined with a variety of other skill sets in various work sectors.  Hope that helps, although I gave you more questions to consider than answers! 


Our series “Dress Smart” features masculine women, gender non-conformists, and trans* identified dapperQs in academia. The newest installment of “Dress Smart” up today showcases the dapper stylings of Francisco J. Galarte, Ph.D. Dr. Galarte is an assistant professor of gender and women’s studies at the University of Arizona. Check out more of Dr. Galarte’s style and fashion influences here: http://www.dapperq.com/2014/07/dress-smart-dapperq-academics-7/

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.. Sam Cooke on the record player tonight. #anothersaturdaynight #selfie #ftm #chicano #selfie #browntrans #brownanddown


Feeling brown and feeling down. Valentine’s day, 2014. #chicano #transguy #elcatrinconsafos #80degreesinfeb


I follow a couple of blogs on tumblr, my favorites being broke and bespokethis fitsput this on and barrio dandy.  Mostly I go to these blogs to both admire and learn a bit more about my own take on menswear and my own personal style.  Often I’ll find out about brands or companies that are small businesses and producing some very innovative and just plain awesome accessories and clothing items.  

I try really hard to get the best deals I can on the clothes, shoes accessories that I buy, meaning I may keep an eye on an item until it goes on sale, or I look for something similar in thrift shops and/or at local stores around where I live.  I’m an assistant professor and the pressure of student loan payments, car payments and a mortgage really force me to be stylish on a budget.  I like to think that I get away with looking good, I have the patience to look for a deal both on the internet and in thrift stores.  I’m also really lucky to have had a mother and grandmother who are pretty skilled seamstresses, so I know how to spot quality and luxurious fabrics from watching them do their thing.  Neither of them made menswear, but they really taught me how to pay attention to craftsmanship and texture of fabrics and quality of things like buttons on a garment.  

I rarely splurge on items, but this week I encountered Kent Wang's Pocket Squares from this post by put this on.  I immediately spotted the pocket square (pictured above) featuring the Aztec Calendar, or sun stone and I just had to have it.  This is a splurge for me, as I have never spent more than $15 on a pocket square.  This Kent Wang pocket square is indeed worth the $45.  It is beautifully printed with immaculate attention to detail, as you’ll see above.  I’m not sure what I will wear it with, but is definitely the star piece of my slowly growing pocket square collection.  The image is printed on silk, and made in France.  

If you look around the Kent Wang website, you’ll notice that it indeed is a modern haberdashery.  There is a variety of menswear items that appear to be very high quality.  While a majority of the items are way outside my price range, I’m happy I indulged and purchased this very unique item.  

I couldn’t imagine a more fitting pocket square for a catrin, it’s a perfect piece of swag for the down and brown chican@ dandy with a penchant for sumptuous adornments.  

A post with actual written content on my fashion oriented blog. 

blackbean-stickyrice said: There is something deeply, intensely familiar about your stories from your family. Thank you for writing them.

Thank you for reading and for taking the time to write, it is much appreciated. 

much love to you.

Gotta luv la adelina anthony

Gotta luv la adelina anthony

Got my pin up tattoo redone, along with the flowers (covering up the word “amor” that used be over the pin up).  Absolutely in love with how it turned out

Another class I’m offering in the Spring at the University of Arizona

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